The Tax Tribunal gives way to energy financing | New

CATLETTSBOURG The Boyd County Tax Court cleared the way Tuesday for clean energy options.

The tax office approved on first reading an order that would authorize Property Assess Clean Energy financing for commercial properties.

The voluntary program would allow businesses to obtain initial capital to make green energy upgrades to their properties and then repay it as an additional cost to the property tax bill.

Executive Judge Eric Chaney said the program is completely voluntary and will be run by a third-party entity. He said the program is free for the county.

“We’re just a middleman, aren’t we?” asked commissioner Larry Brown.

“Yes,” Chaney said.

Tuesday’s tax court meeting also saw the second installment of ARPA funds for first responder hazard pay, which would be $1,200 for each employee – volunteer fire stations would receive $25,000 apiece. .

Here are some other highlights from Tuesday’s meeting:

• Suzanne Griffith asked the Tax Court to consider the Opioid Settlement Funds Claim. Commissioner Keith Watts said this was under discussion. She also asked the court to keep a figurative eye on a pilot program that would create more diversion opportunities for drug-using offenders.

• Watts said the county will begin enforcing ordinances that require any utility work to be done on a county road or sidewalk to restore it to its original condition. He said most of the problems seem to be in Westwood.

• Commissioner Randy Stapleton’s cell phone rang during the meeting. Its ringtone is “I Got You” by James Brown.

• Unlike his usual “present,” Brown answered “here” on roll call.

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