Singer-actor Roshan Prince says work hard and let the universe take over: The Tribune India


Music remains Roshan Prince’s first love. Trained in music and acting, Roshan went through the entire actor-singer-producer sequence, while duly relocating from Punjab to Canada. However, in this rather stereotypical journey, he retained his simplicity, his humility and his love for all things Punjabi!

Prince Roshan

As he releases his Extended Play (EP), Look Lak hitmaker Kirdaar opens up about his special journey. “I have known Abhaydeep Singh Mutti for about ten years. I sang a few random songs and he liked them all, that’s how Kirdaar evolved.

Roshan holds a master’s degree in music and won the music reality show Awaz Punjab Di. “My first song – Je chan cho channi muk jave/ Sagar cho pani suk jave/ Har dil di dhadkan ruk jave/ Ta ho sakda ki tenu bhull jawan – got me my first acting stint. And when offers came , I trained in theater at the Punjabi University in Patiala and then in Mumbai,” he shares.

family man

If music remains his first love, he has also taken on the other two roles. “Being a producer is hard work; you have to give money! As for acting, it’s a wholesome experience. I call myself a producer actor. I’m not the one who throws temper tantrums. Money saved anywhere is better for the project,” the Nanka Mel actor says.

And it is not he who hides his wife and children. “I think it’s a myth that a hero has to keep his family a secret,” says the actor, who during the pandemic has been kicking off vlogs where his family members have frequently featured. “My fanbase has only grown after the vlogs. Now in every city I go to, I get asked about my family too; they in turn feel like stars, which is great.

Hope sustains life

So, is he worried that the entertainment industry is going through a slow phase? “The pandemic was unprecedented. No one even dreamed that one day we would all be in masks or locked in our homes. Many industries and businesses have been shut down, but slowly things are returning to normal. Thus, the entertainment and music industry will also recover.

After getting noticed through a reality show, Roshan gives some advice to future candidates: “Any reality show would only have one winner, but that doesn’t take away from the talent of the others. The show I won had a lot of others who were better than me, but it was my day. So go out there with positivity, give your best and keep working hard, who knows when the universe chooses to give you its best.

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