Seattle Kraken adds Hans Zimmer for pre-game hype music

Seattle Kraken celebrates at Climate Pledge Arena on October 19. Photo: Christopher Mast/NHLI via Getty Images

The Seattle Kraken will have its own original song by Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer this season, a team spokesperson told Axios on Thursday.

Why is this important: The Kraken enlisted a Hollywood composer – who composed the music for “Inception” and “Gladiator,” among other hit films – for their intro and promotional music, which is rare in professional sports.

Details: Zimmer created an original eight-minute song for the Kraken, which is used during the three-minute intro video before the team hits the ice, Kraken marketing director Katie Townsend said in an interview with Axios.

  • Zimmer’s song will be used during game breaks, TV commercials and on the Seattle Monorail when fans travel to games, she said.
  • Townsend said it could be a one-time event. But the eight-minute song could be used over the next two seasons for promotional material.

Yes, but: The song is not available for download anywhere, Townsend said. However, there is promotional videos available online.

How we got here: Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who is an investor in ownership group Kraken, floated the idea of ​​Zimmer composing the music for the team during a meeting with Townsend last summer.

  • Bruckheimer then met with Zimmer to discuss ideas. Zimmer created songs while performing in South Korea and other places, then sent them to the team.
  • The Kraken, who had already worked on the visuals for the upcoming season, held listening sessions to put together the music and promotional material.
  • “The main thing I wanted was, let’s make sure we use that right,” Townsend said.

The big picture: Sports leagues have used themes from composers like John Williams, Ludwig Goransson and Danny Elfman in the old days. But, according to Townsend, that’s a rarity in the NHL.

What they say : “I think a lot of times teams will have their own sound, their own soundtrack, but I don’t think most sports teams have the budget to go to Hollywood,” Townsend told Axios. “And that’s where we’re incredibly lucky that it was indeed a gift from Hans to Jerry.”

A fun note: Zimmer composed the song “The Kraken” for the hit movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.”

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