India 5G download speeds reach 500 Mbps on test networks, Ookla data shows

According to the latest data from internet testing company Ookla, download speeds on India’s 5G test network reached 500 Mbps (megabits per second), reported The economic period. While Reliance Jio leads with 598.58 Mbps, rival Bharti Airtel recorded 197.98 Mbps in Delhi. Data from Ookla pointed out that telecom operators in India were testing 5G even before it was launched in the country. Data shows that currently 5G download speeds range from 16.27 Mbps to 809.94 Mbps, indicating that telecom operators are still fine-tuning their networks.

Sylwia Kechiche, senior industry analyst, Enterprise, at Ookla, said the expectation is that these speeds will be more stable in the future and these networks will enter the commercial phase.

Data reported by Ookla provides information on 5G download speeds in four metros – Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Varanasi since June 2022.

In Mumbai, Jio outperformed Airtel, with an average download speed of 515.38 Mbps compared to the former’s 271.07 Mbps. In Kolkata, however, the duo’s speeds varied the most. Jio had a download speed of 482.02 Mbps, which was significantly faster than the average download speed of 33.83 Mbps for Airtel. In Varanasi, however, Jio and Airtel have moved closer to parity. Since June, Airtel has been able to download content at a median 5G speed of 516.57 Mbps, compared to Jio’s 485.22 Mbps.

According to Ookla, India’s mobile download speed in August 2022 was 13.52 Mbps, ranking it 117th in the world.

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